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Our Easter showcase is a chocolate extravaganza!

Year 2 performed our Easter showcase this week based upon our topic this half term of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. They performed a play, a chant, dances, songs and even adverts! The children’s performances were fantastic, they spoke or sang with enthusiasm and a great deal of fun was had by all. Topped off by our five lucky parents who each won a golden ticket and an Easter treat. Congratulations 2W, I am very proud of you all.

Looking closely by 2W

This week in art, 2W have been undertaking an observational drawing activity. We looked at and discussed the logos of different chocolate bars and the colours manufacturers use for wrappers. Each member of the class then chose their favourite bar and drew them very carefully. Some people selected pencils and others pastels so they could blend colours to create the wrapper’s effect. Everyone worked with great care and took the time to look carefully and I think you’ll agree that the outcomes are super, well done 2W.

2W have a brilliant book week.

This week, 2W have been celebrating World Book Day and our book week based upon the books of Julia Donaldson.
Year 6 came to visit and shared their favourite story books with us. A fantastic illustrator, Lynne Chapman, came to visit us for the day on Tuesday and we all thoroughly enjoyed her workshop. We have made 3-d maps of the journey The Smartest Giant took through the town and made our own bookshelves based upon Charlie Cook’s Favourite book, which can be found in the classroom. “We have had an epic week!” said Amir. “Fabulous” said George and Zaviaar said “Awesome!”