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2W research Victorian artists

100_66561This week, Year 2 were set the task of researching a Victorian artist and preparing a talk to present to the rest of the class. I was extremely impressed by the the amount and level of work the children put into their homework and everyone presented theirs with a clear voice and showed us some beautiful artwork. Some of the featured artists were JMW Turner, Lord Frederick Leighton, John Ruskin and Branwell Bronte. Well done 2W.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

100_66311This week, 2W have been doing lots of work in English and Art based on the theme of fireworks. We started by learning how to use exclamation marks and thinking of lots of adverbs and adjectives to describe fireworks. We then used these to create descriptive phrases and finally created poems with a repeating pattern, using those phrases. The resulting poems were fantastic and the images created within them were excellent. Our favourite phrases were ‘The fireworks go POW and the audience go WOW!’ by George and ‘ If I was a firework, I would dance and sing like a rock star!’ by Rhys.
We hope you like our firework art too.