2W’s fantastically splendiferous creative week !

100_6611 100_66301 100_66271 100_66261 100_66241 100_6618 100_6595 100_6605It has been our Creative week, based on Roald Dahl this week and 2W chose to explore the story of James and the Giant Peach. We have had a brilliant week and everyone has enjoyed creating some super art work from making a giant peach out of Art Rock( a modelling material), individual papier-mâché peaches, baking peach tartlets, printing with peaches, creating a New York city skyline with the peach stuck on top of the Empire State building , collaged peaches with the characters from the story to creating a script and news report about the peach travelling over New York! It has been busy but lots of fun. Everyone in the class has worked as a team and the results have been tremendous as you can see. Well done 2W.

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  1. Mrs Bruce says:

    What an exciting week for 2W!

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