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2W become shape experts

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This week in maths, 2W have been working with
2-d shape. Exploring the characteristics of different shapes, creating and finding their lines of symmetry or testing to see if they even have one. As well as learning to draw shapes accurately using a ruler, harder than you think sometimes!

2W go back in time

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Today, Year 2 went to visit the Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall and had an absolutely brilliant time. We became Victorian schoolchildren in a Victorian schoolroom and realised how different life was and not in a good way! It was quite daunting but fun. We also explored a range of Victorian toys and what materials they were made of. We then had a fantastic tour around the museum and laid on the floor looking at the upside down bedrooms of children through the ages! The children also experienced what it was like to be chimney sweeps, complete with soot!  The children all behaved beautifully and a big thank you to the National Trust volunteers and Mrs Foster for coming to help.

2W are in the swing of things!

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2W have had their first full week at school and we have had a super week with a wide range of activities from creating Victorian letter templates to choosing which one of the Mr Men we would be. Everyone in the class has worked as a team as we have become used to new routines and lessons, well done 2W.

Welcome back everyone

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Welcome back everyone to the start of Year 2. We have had a busy week working hard already with reading, writing and working on new displays in the classroom. Everyone has made a new friend and is happy!