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Trip to Conkers

Thursday saw Year 2 join the rest of the Infant School on a trip to Conkers. .outdoor explorers
On Arrival we were sent to explore the outdoor trails. This saw us discover the sensory trail, the waterside wetlands, where we solved ‘What am I?’ riddles, and enter the Fairy Labyrinth where the legendary Minotaur was kept. Fortunately we all made it out in one piece!
After the train ride to the other end of the site we had lunch, always an important part of any trip, with all the other classes. Then it was time for the adventure play area. Towards the end of the day we took part in a workshop all about the magic of seeds. Here we learnt about how different seeds are dispersed.
We had a great day

Working hard this week in 2W

This week has been assessment week and we have been working so hard! When we’ve had a spare moment we have been checking our bean plants and making some further observations. Some of the bean plants are growing very tall, leafy and green thanks to Lucas watering them regularly!

“Some of the plants aren’t really growing as well as others. I think this is either because they haven’t had enough water, or they’ve had too much water, or maybe they were planted under too much soil.” – Lucas

Ben Massey has experienced one of his proudest ever moments after writing two pages of an excellent story as part of his writing assessment. Well done Ben!

“I felt so proud. I was covered in stickers!” – Ben


Another week flies by!

This week in science, 2W have been learning all about gardening and have planted their own sunflower seeds. Over the next few weeks we will be looking closely at how the sunflower seed changes as it grows. The children have even begun designing their own seed packets.

“Science has been fun because we have had the chance to design our own seed packets to keep our seeds in.” – Kitty

“Planting the seeds was really exciting” -Ben

” I can’t wait to see how my sunflower turns out. I wonder how tall it will get.” – Hukam

At swimming we have been working on our front crawl and developing our confidence in the water. Mrs Roberts can see us improving week on week!

“I love swimming and I think I’m getting stronger and quicker all the time” – Finn

On a sad note, we have had to say good bye to Mrs Harlow as it was her last day today. She has been so kind and helpful to all of us and we will miss her very much.

2w swim


Egyptian fun for all.

This week we have been continuing our work on ancient Egypt with a special focus on the river Nile and why it was so important to the Egyptian people. In art the children created some beautiful collages of the river and we’ve made a fantastic display in our classroom.

“I’ve learned lots of facts about the river Nile” Lucas

“I loved making my collage with different materials” Ben