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2W become experts on Forces!

On Thursday 17th March, Year 2 went on a fantastic visit to Woolsthorpe Manor, which was the home of Sir Isaac Newton and the famous apple tree. He lived in a beautiful manor house and we were lucky enough to be able to walk around inside and see what life was like 450 years ago.
We found out the real meaning of the phrase ‘Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite’ and that people slept sitting up! People had real fires in the rooms and that when Sir Isaac was a child he used to put a mouse inside his toy windmill to make it turn, like a hamster on it’s wheel. We also saw some graffiti on the original walls from 400 years ago when you were allowed to do this to show that you had visited if you were important.
We took part in lots of experiments about forces and light and we even got to make and launch our own rockets, which was very exciting. We learnt about gravity and how it affects our lives and the universe and we even recreated how the planets circumnavigate the sun at different speeds.
Thank you to our parent helpers and all the staff at Woolsthorpe Manor commented on how clever and well behaved Year 2 were so well done to you all.

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2W celebrate World Book Day

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2W had a very colourful start to the day (as you can see) when everyone came in dressed up in their fantastic costumes to celebrate World Book Day. Everybody had made a real effort and I would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to parents for all your hard work.
Sophie Snell who is a professional story teller and author came to spend the day with us and she started the day by teaching the whole school a traditional song about ironing!
We had a super workshop with Sophie and everyone in the class enjoyed it immensely, thank you Sophie.
Enjoy World Book Day everyone and perhaps we should learn from the children and go back to reading a book at bedtime, I know I will try it!