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Year 2 open Pandora’s Box.

NHIJS have been taking part in a Creative Week this week based on the topic of Myths and Legends. In Year Two, we have been exploring the story of Pandora’s Box. It all started when a mystery box was delivered to the classroom with a notice saying ‘Do not open under any circumstance’, nobody knows how it got there!
We have been watching different versions of the story, read a play script, assigned roles and acted out the story with some very dramatic actions. We have been exploring making different 3-d box shapes, testing their capacities to find out which one had the largest. We made larger versions of the boxes using a net pattern and finally decorated them to make it look very enticing!
We have also been trying Greek dancing, Greek food and writing a poem about hope.
On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to go to the Junior school and watch the Year 3 puppet show, which was fantastic.
Mrs Barker has made a slideshow to show you all the fantastic activities the children have been taking part in.
It has been a really lovely week and we wish you all a lovely half-term.
Pandora’s Box Creative week on PhotoPeach