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2W become proud parents!

100_32742W are pleased to announce that our dinosaur egg hatched on Thursday. We have decided to call him or her Autie because we found the egg in Autumn. As you can see, it is very cute and will carry on growing and hatching out next week. How exciting!

2W are keeping fit and healthy!

In our Science lessons, 2W are exploring the theme of ‘Healthy Me’. We have been looking at different food groups, choosing healthy snacks and what makes us feel happy. This week, we have been taking part in a range of activities and deciding how they keep our bodies fit and healthy. Is it keeping our heart healthy or keeping us flexible or maybe even strengthening our muscles? Everyone had great fun finding out but were very tired by the end!

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We are 2W and look what we have found!

Welcome to the new class of 2W and a new academic year.
Everyone has settled in brilliantly and many new friendships have been forged already and old ones have been reignited much to everyone’s delight.
2W have started to explore the topic of Dinosaurs and made an amazing discovery today when a Dinosaur egg was found hiding in the garden! It was found by Stuart who sensibly called Mrs Williams over to investigate!
We all talked about what the egg will need, Finn wanted to put leaves underneath to make it comfortable, creating a lovely home for it and 2W may even see it hatch next week!

Mrs Williams is going to ring the Professor at Leicester University to get instructions. We will keep you posted.

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