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Year 2 become surgeons for the afternoon!

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon on Tuesday, when they met Professor Chris Moran (otherwise known as Matthew’s dad) and became orthopaedic surgeons in a simulation of an operation he had carried out.
Professor Moran kindly came to visit us in his role as National Clinical Director for Trauma and Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery. This was as part of our topic on Famous Faces. he explained his wide and varied role to the classes and they were even more starstruck when he explained that he had treated Wayne Rooney and had gone to the World up with the England team!
As a teacher, it was one of those fantastic moments when you think ‘Wow, this might just inspire one of our pupils to become a great surgeon.’
The boys dressed in theatre masks and hats and had the amazing opportunity to use theatre tools to fix pretend broken bones by screwing in plates and then they were allowed to take the bones home, what a lucky lot they are!
We would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Professor Moran for giving his precious time and for all of his hard work to make a fantastic and inspiring afternoon.

Profesor Moran’s visit with Year 2 on PhotoPeach