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A day in the life of 2W.

We thought it would be nice to give you a selection of photographs of the class working through the day on Wednesday 29th January. You can see the wide variety of activities they get up to during a school day. From finding features of a non-fiction text to recorders to solving problems using numbers to finding different ways of travelling over/under and through apparatus in gym! We do have very busy days, enjoy.

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We’ve got the buzz for coding

2W have been learning how to code by using bee-bots.  We had to give the bee-bot instructions such as forwards, backwards, left and right and say how many times it had to move. Sometimes the bee-bot went wrong and we had to ‘de-bug’ our instructions.  We had a lot of fun doing this and were even writing some simple lines of code!




Let’s get active in 2015!

Welcome back to the Spring term in 2015.
As you can see, 2W have got straight back into school life with enthusiasm and gusto!
This term, in our gym lessons, we will be using the climbing apparatus, along with other equipment to explore moving in different ways.
The class were so excited when they came down and saw the climbing frame that they asked to have their photographs taken on it!

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