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2W are learning to become performance poets!

This week in literacy, 2W have been exploring the different elements of poetry, from how it is written, rhyming pairs and the structures of different types of poems. Then we looked at how to read poems using punctuation, expression and creative effects to make them more interesting. The class then worked in groups using different poems and added their own effects to perform the poems, using sound effects or movements to highlight parts of the poems.

They all worked really hard on this and enjoyed it immensely. Now it is your turn to sit back and enjoy watching the performances.

Performing Poetry from Mr Miller on Vimeo.

Victorian style shilouettes.

Silhouette portraits became very popular during the Victorian era so this week the boys have tried their hand at creating their own. First they traced each others shadow, cast by the projector light, on to black paper. Then after carefully cutting their silhouette out they used white paper to mount it.
Take a look and see if you can recognise who they are. See if you were correct by viewing our ‘Silhouette Gallery’ up the Year 2 stairwell.

2W’s Victorian style silhouettes on PhotoPeach

We are learning to write stories.





This week in 2W, we have been learning about the different parts that stories are made up of and then we have used those to re-write the story of ‘Katie Morag delivers the post’ by Mairie Hedderwick. The first thing we learnt about was time connectives and how these help us to show the sequence of a story. After that, we looked at the events in the story and placed these upon the map of the Isle of Struay (as you can see) and then we talked about the problem in the story and how it was resolved which forms the middle and end of a story. Finally, we used our maps and story problem plans to re-write the story and Mrs Williams was very pleased with everyone’s hard work.