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2W become Victorian schoolboys!





As part of our topic on ‘Life as a Victorian child’, Year 2 went to visit Sudbury Hall, Museum of Childhood on Wednesday 10th September.
All the boys were very excited and chatted away happily to each other during the coach journey. When we arrived, we split into half, with one half taking part in a ‘Toys through the ages’ workshop which actually went back to cave dwelling times! The other half became Victorian schoolboys and entered a classroom with a very strict regime and school mistress. School life was very different, they soon discovered!
We then swapped over and everyone got to learn and participate in some excellent activities. Whilst eating lunch, everyone expressed what an excellent time they had and swapped anecdotes about the things they had done and seen.
In the afternoon, we all got the chance to have a guided tour around the museum, seeing and being able to handle toys from the Victorian era onwards. I have to say I recognised far too many from my own childhood, it made me feel very old! We all had a wonderful day.

We are 2W!

100_2142Welcome to 2W’s blog 2014-15!
We have just completed our first week at school and have already achieved lots of great work and had our first adventure to Sudbury Hall (look out for next week’s post).
We are really enjoying our new roles in the class and school and have begun to become familiar with new routines and topics.
We all have a responsibility within the class and are learning to become a little more independent in looking after our belongings.
We are also really enjoying getting to know each other again and would like to say a big “Welcome” to Fletcher, Nathan, Verroshan and Joshua.