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Act 2: Scene 1- The Magic Finger!

This week the boys put on a play. They had listened to the story of The Magic Finger they then chose the part of the story where Mr took his boys shooting for wild ducks! Please watch to find out what happens!

Sculptors in the making

Over the last couple of weeks the boys have been looking at the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy who is reknown for his work using natural materials. The boys have been really inspired by his art and have had a go at making their own ice and natural sculptures.
Take a closer look at thier gallery.

ICE sculptures on PhotoPeach

Natural sculptures on PhotoPeach

A study of our School’s locality

This week we walked down into Nottingham City Centre to the Central Library to investigate our school’s locality. First we had 10 questions using different maps from the olden days and we had to look at the differences and similarities between them, focussing on the area around school. The maps were from 1861, 1881, 1949 and 1969.
Then we swapped over, to use the computers to research our school’s locality using a website called and we found out lots of information about what Nottingham was like in the past.

When we returned to school, we had to complete a worksheet about what we had learned such as:

– Waverley Street used to be called Mount Vernon Road.
– Lovell House used to be a hospital.
– Nottingham High School grew over time and took over land.
– The Arboretum used to house an aquarium!

We had a great morning out!
Year 2 trip to the Central Library on PhotoPeach

Mr Twit came in to school!

This week, the boys have been focusing on developing character descriptions, using role play and the story of The Twits by Roald Dahl.
They used evidence from the book to delve deeper into who Mr Twit is, what he looks like and, through the nasty tricks he plays on his wife, what sort of person he is. The boys made a list of questions they thought they would ask if they ever met Mr Twit then they took turns using ‘hot seating’ to practice asking and responding to the questions to find out as much about Mr Twit as they could.

Then Mr Twit came to school!

100 1945 from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

The boys throughly enjoyed the drama experience.