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2W move to the African beat!






Today, we had the brilliant opportunity to go to the Junior School and take part in an African drumming workshop led by Unbeatable Energy.
The boys absolutely loved every minute of it and were completely absorbed by learning the techniques and rhythms. It was very loud and fast paced, some may have said perfect for Year 2 boys!
We did the workshop with one of the Year 3 classes and it was great for our boys to get a feeling of life in the Junior School.
Thank you to Mr Shaw for organising it.

This is 2W presenting the news!

2W have spent the last two weeks working on report writing in Literacy, based on the idea that Dinosaurs have invaded London! Last week, they wrote and published newspaper reports on the computer and they have been translating this work into news reports to look at the different ways information is presented.
The boys have really enjoyed this work and you will now be able to see how brilliant they are. Enjoy the news!

News Plaza from Mr Miller on Vimeo.

Lovell News from Mr Miller on Vimeo.

2w newsround from Mr Miller on Vimeo.

Answer to last weeks posting: We now have a herd of diplodocus! They are a little reluctant to come out of the art room so photo next week!

A work in progress.

This week the boys have begun to make their own dinosaurs! They have used a balloon for the body, cardboard tubes for the legs, lots of masking tape and twisted newspaper to create heads and tails. Then they started the rather messy process of paper-mache! Can you guess which type of dinosaur they are making? The answer will be on next weeks blog.

A work in progress. on PhotoPeach

World Book Day 2014
































































2W have had a brilliant World Book Day today and well done to all of the boys for making such a fantastic effort with your costumes, you all looked wonderful.

The boys spent the morning being publishers by making their own books and then becoming authors and illustrators by writing their own stories. They have written some really exciting stories and special mention must go to Alex Barish for one of the best descriptive stories I have read by a Year 2 boy.

This afternoon, we then had the pleasure of going to do a workshop with the author and illustrator Sarah McConnell who writes the ‘Scarlet Silver’ series of books amongst others. The boys learnt about the process she goes through when writing a book and got to see some of her original art work from one of her books. They then went on to create a¬†character together and¬†a front cover for a new story, drawing upon all her expertise. The boys learnt a huge amount and thoroughly enjoyed her visit.