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2W become authors and publishers.




100_1791In Literacy this week, 2W have been exploring the features of non-fiction books. They have been recognising the difference between fiction and non-fiction writing. We have also been looking at a wide range of non-fiction books, finding the key features such as the ‘Blurb on the back’ and use of a contents and glossary page.
2W then proceeded to create their own Dinosaur books and are rather proud of them. If you would like to read one, they are available to read in the classroom -Enjoy!

2W become experts at Acrostics!

This week 2W have been looking at a form of poetry called an Acrostic poem. They have been working with lots of different poems about Dinosaurs and talking about the characteristics of dinosaurs. Today, they have brought this work together into an Acrostic poem. Here is a selection for you to enjoy.
Destroyed by a boiling hot comet
Incredibly strong creatures
Natural giants
On land to search for food
Strong scaly skin
Attacking other dinosaurs
Undefeated creatures
Rough, bumpy bodies by Cholan

Destroyers of nature
Incredible differences
Noisy sounds
On the land they trample
Smelly breath
Alliosaurus is big
Unthinkable sizes
Ruthless by Ben