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Dinosaurs in print.

block printing on PhotoPeach

Over the past two weeks the boys and Mr Jones have been working towards making a dinosaur drape for the classroom. Last week the boys looked at different printing techniques and how these are used on different textiles. They then made their own dinosaur string printing block. This week they practised creating various patterns before finally using their printing block to create a stunning design for the classroom drape.
Well done boys it looks great on the dinosaur display.

You are all super stars.

Super Stars
Boys you have all worked really hard since September and now its your turn to shine. Good luck on Monday and remember you are all brilliant.

Year 2 meet the Dinosaurs at New Walk Museum.

New Walk Dinosaurs on PhotoPeach
On Monday 13th January Year 2 set off on a trip to the Dinosaur exhibition at New Walk Museum, Leicester. The boys were all very excited and unsure of what lay ahead of them. As soon as they arrived they could begin to see the amazing models and artefacts and knew that they were in for a day of fantastic exploring and fact finding. The boys have chosen the following highlights.
Alex-We were shown a dinosaur fossil called a Neovenator which means New Hunter, it had very sharp claws and was very fast. I like things that are fast.
Raman-We got to see some real dinosaur poo!
Yususf-My favourite part was when we did the observational drawing of the huge dinosaur skeleton.
Jai-I liked learning about the Cetiosaurus or whale lizard because it was so big.
Harry-I like doing the drawing because you could draw one part or all of it.
Cholan- I liked it when we did the puzzle to put the Neoveneator back together and you could choose what skin to put on top.
George-It was great when we actually saw a real fossil of a mammoth tooth because it was huge.
Shuban- I really enjoyed the jigsaw.
Taylor- I liked the Cetiosaurus because it was gigantic.
Ryan- I liked the puzzle when you had to figure out which was the smallest to largest living creature.
Ben-I was amazed when we first saw the Cetiosaurus skeleton because it’s head was quite small but the neck was really long!
As you can see, the boys had a fantastic time and gained alot of knowledge. They were really well behaved and a pleasure to take out, well done.