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It’s all about talk for 2W!

As part of our Literacy focus on Traditional Tales, 2W have been looking at the role of dialogue in story writing. Recreating dialogue from a story scene, how to recognise it within a text and writing dialogue using speech marks correctly. The boys were asked to recreate the dialogue from two scenes in Little Red Riding Hood. The first was when she met the wolf in the woods and I wonder if you can guess where and when the second scene took place? Enjoy!

trim.4F19C9FD-7047-422C-AA93-092C763B762D from Andrea Williams on Vimeo.

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2W ‘Went over the mountain to see what they could see!’

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In our topic lessons, we have been learning all about Edmund Hillary who climbed Mount Everest in 1953.

We then created our very own Everest in Art & DT. We made our mountains out of paper mache! To do this, we scrunched newspaper into balls and stuck them onto a large piece of cardboard in the rough shape of a mountain, even if our mountains were a little flat at the top, with lots and lots of PVA glue! We then used strips of newspaper soaked in glue to paper mache our mountains creating gullies and crevices. After it had dried, we painted it with grey for the rocks, white for the snow, brown, black and green colours and added our own explorers roped together to ascend to the mountain top.

It was hard and tiring work making Mount Everest!

Den building for Nutty!

Over the last two week the boys have been looking at instructions.This has seen them making, amoung other things, jam tarts and writing up their own jam tart reciepe. However, it all started with the boys being set a challenge of building a den for Nutty the squirrel to keep warm in during the long winter months. Their breif was to build a den out of natural materials that Nutty would fit into and then to give a set of verbal instructions so that other boys would be able to re-construct the original dens made at anytime.
Nutty thoroughly approved of all the den.
Well done boys, a very happy Nutty.

A den of sticks and leaves.

A den of sticks and leaves.

Nutty is the king of his castle.

Nutty is the king of his castle.

Nutty's cosy nest den

Nutty’s cosy nest den

Making a lean to shelter

Making a lean to shelter

2W become ‘Cool Scientists’!












Today, Year 2 had a fantastic treat and were visited by Pete the ‘Cool Scientist’. This was as an introduction to our science topic this half term about Forces and Motion. As soon as the boys walked into the hall, they could see from all the equipment set up that they were going to have an exciting and stimulating workshop. As you can see from the fantastic photographs, the boys joined in with a range of experiments all based on forces and movement and used a wide variety of resources ranging from a tin can to a train to finally, a rocket! We all had a wonderful time and learnt something new, including the fact that one tiny battery has more strength than six of our boys-now that is a strong force!