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Pop up explorer scenes.

Pop up explorer scenes.

We have now started our Explorer topic. The boys have discussed what they think an explorer is and what they do. They looked at some pictures of the many explorers that history have given us from David Livngstone to Neil Armstrong. Then they made a fact file all about Sir Francis Drake and thought it quite exciting that he was also know as a pirate!

During Art the boys used their imaginations to make an explorer scene that contained pop up parts. Their explorer’s went to many different places and saw a variety of exciting sights. Take a look at some of thier scenes.

Welcome to a new year in 2W!

We have completed our first full week in 2W and the boys have all settled in wonderfully well. New friendships have been forged and it feels as though we have all been together for a lot longer than eight days. We are already in the midst of learning about a vast array of new concepts and the boys are responding with enthusiasm and increasing attention spans! Mrs Barker and I would like to thank all the boys of 2W for making the first days back at school such a pleasure. Keep it up!

The new 2WMeet the new 2W!