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Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen!

Our last week of term saw us join 2M on a trip to Nottingham Castle where we investigated the legend of Robin Hood. Through a workshop we found out who he was, what it would have been like to live in Sherwood forest and made masks of the types of animals that Robin might have seen whilst living in the forest. The best part was when we used our voices and props to retell the story of Robin going to an archery contest.

Trip to Nottingham Castle 010 from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

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Read all about it! Mythical Creatures reports by 2W


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kkrishThis week 2W have been choosing and researching Mythical creatures. We learnt how to take notes and then transfer the notes into Non-Chronological Reports. We created and wrote our reports on the computer and then spent a lesson editing them to make them as perfect as we could. We made sure we used headings, sub-headings and that we included facts only. We have printed each one off, so if you would like to see your son’s, please ask Mrs Barker or Mrs Williams.

Jigsaw Challenge

Wednesday afternoon saw Marcus’grandparents join us for Grandparent’s afternoon. The boys throughly enjoyed having them help with playing board games, collaging Neptune’s tail, Knex and much more besides. During this special afternoon a group of boys challenged themselves, with just a little help from Marcus’ Grandad, to complete the large and tricky world jigsaw. This is a puzzle that often gets started but until now has not been completed!

Well done!

Well done!

Aboriginal dot painting.


This week the boys looked at Aboriginal paintings. They learnt that the Aboriginal people of the past would often leave the mark of their hands to record their presence on the land. They did this by placing their hand on the rock and blowing paint made from ground-up rock from their mouths around the edges to record their hand shape. These hand shapes would then be decorated with dots and patterns of dots that meant different meanings. The Aboriginals used these patterns of dots to represent a journey either one they may have travelled through physically or symbolising life itself. In art the boys recorded their hands using dots, as paint blowing was not recommended! Then they had a go at using some of the Aboriginal symbols to represent their own journeys.