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Year 2’s trip to Making It!

On Friday 15th February Year 2 went on a double decker bus to Making It in Mansfield where we did lots of fantastic activities. We made clocks by using cardboard, paper, sticky pads, a clock mechanism and a battery. First we had to decorate our clock faces, then we had to cut it out and stick it on to a square tile. After that we stuck our mechanism onto the back and pushed it through the clock face. We then had to screw on a nut on as tight as we could and attached the hands, hour first, then minute hand and lastly the second hand which we had to make sure was on the pin really securely. We put the battery in next to make sure our clock was ticking and we had all made a clock!
Toyan said his favourite part was drawing the designs on the lightboxes. Marcus’s favourite part was when he made the juices.
Arnav enjoyed the juice making as well, especially when the giant lips cheered which meant that they liked it. Noah and Naveen liked it when you had to try and get as many beads into the bottle as possible, you needed a lot of co-ordination!
Harrison liked it when you had to fit the shapes into the trays on the conveyor belt. Orlando’s favourite part was playing the board game in the marketing area. Zayan enjoyed the part when Mrs Williams set him the challenge of reaching 700,000 taps on the keyboard and Jacob helped him to do this as well, did they achieve their target-yes, they did!
We all had a fabulous time at Making It! and would recommend it to our friends and families for a great trip out.

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Trolls in 2W!

This week the boys have been looking at Scandinavian myths and discovered a world of trolls! It is said there is a sub-species of the common troll who is so shy that they hide in boxes. So the boys made their own box trolls. They explored and made sliding mechanisms and folded paper and card into concertina strips for strength. They then used them to attach feet, heads and arms to allow them to move. Fortunately our box trolls are not as shy as their relatives and are happy to watch 2W’s everyday activities!