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Mythical creatures dwell in 2W!

In our first topic lesson the boys looked at mythical creatures. They discovered that some, like the Griffin, are a mixture of different animals; the Griffin being part bird of prey, part lion. During ICT the boys used a program to make their own mythical creature by mixing up different parts of different animals. They designed their creatures for strengh, speed or camouflage and used parts of the animals that suited those chosen traits. They then made their creature out of clay and painted it.

Mythical creatures. on PhotoPeach

2W review Julia Donaldson.

Over the last couple of weeks 2W have been reading, enjoying and exploring features of books written by Julia Donaldson.
We all chose our favourite book and wrote a book review of it this week. We have also published a class book review of Zog on Espresso which will be available to read next week.
Rayan, Krrish, Ashley, Vuyo, Zayan, Jacob and Naveen all chose ‘Superworm’ as their favourite. Rayan said “I love the illustrations.”. Vuyo said ” I love the bright colours”. Jacob said ” I love the bit where it says ‘Superworm is super strong’.” Zayan said ” I like the repeating patterns in the story.” Naveen said ” I like her imagination and how she thinks of the stories.” Ashley-“I like the bit where he makes himself into a skipping rope.” Krrish said ” I love the story.”
Harvey’s favourite book was ‘Room on the Broom’. “I liked Room on the Broom because the author made the whole book rhyme.”
Rohan, Marcus, Jack,Toyan, Isak and Finlay all chose Zog as their favourite book and I have to say that was my favourite too!
“I liked Zog because I really liked how it rhymed and repeated” said Rohan. ” I liked Zog because I liked the way it told a funny story and the pictures were great” said Marcus. ” I liked the way that the end of each page repeated” said Jack. “I liked Zog because it has rhyming words in it” said Toyan. Isak said “I liked the colourful pictures.” Finlay said ” I liked it because I liked the way it was written, especially when it said ‘as they zigzagged through the blue’.”

We have had a lovely time exploring these very special books and I hope you have the opportunity to share them with your family.