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Back to Victorian times at Newstead Abbey!

A Victorian Christmas on PhotoPeach

2W go back in time for Christmas!

On Monday morning, both of the the Year 2 classes set off in a coach to Newstead Abbey, we were all dressed up in fabulous Victorian costumes (staff included) and looked quite a sight to behold! We had to follow very strict rules about how victorian children were expected to behave and have our hands inspected when we arrived to see if they were clean enough! We met all the staff who work at the house and Mr Webb who owns the house. He was very stern and had big sideburns. We took part in different workshops varying from making shadow puppets and telling the story of Cinderella to sewing and filling herb bags to help different illnesses. It was a very busy day with lots of fun and interesting facts about life in a victorian house at Christmas. At lunchtime, we all ate out of brown paper or tea towels, no tupperware allowed and you could only have certain foods in our lunches. This was really different and made it feel special. We all had an absolutely fabulous time and would like to say thank you to all the mummies that came to help on the trip.

What a lot of trees!

Haven’t we been busy!

This week the Eco team took delivery of 30 tree saplings. We have an assortment of holly, hawthorn, dogwood, hazel and dog rose. We are particuarly proud of the very special Royal Oak which has been grown from a seed from one of the Royal estates.
During play times on Wednesday, boys have been very busy re-potting the saplings into larger pots where they will be grown on till they are ready to be planted in the school grounds.
The saplings will be kept on the ramp outside the hall so please come and have a look. Remember to talk to them, as you pass, to encourage them to grow big and strong!
The Eco team.

Dig the hole deep enough boys!

Give them a good drink!