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Our portraits in a Picasso ‘cubist’ style.

Last half term, we looked at the famous artist Pablo Picasso who was born during the reign of Queen Victoria. We looked at some of his paintings from his ‘rose’ and ‘blue’ periods but we liked his ‘cubist’ art work best of all as he used sqaures and cubes to created his images. We then created our own ‘cubist’ style portraits using oil pastels. We now have our very own gallery, along with 2M’s, displayed up the Year 2 staircase.
Can you work out who we are? No names this time Jacob!

Picasso style portraits on PhotoPeach

What big teeth you have Grandma!

In literacy we have continued to look at traditional tales and their alternative versions. We learnt that we can create our own sounds and images to make a story more interesting. Here is our alternative version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We think our version is better!

lrrh 2W from Mr Miller on Vimeo.