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Olympic bake off!

Last week the boys put thier culinary skills to the test by baking Olympic Ring biscuits. They first had to use their maths skills to half the recipe’s ingredients then work out how to assemble the Olympic rings.

The results were varied as you can see!


Year 2 visit the Nottingham Synagogue

On Thursday 10th May, Year 2 had the privilege of being able to visit the Nottingham Synagogue.
We walked the excited boys from school down to the Synagogue and they all behaved very sensibly. When we arrived at the Synagogue we were greeted by Rabbi Perez who kept them engaged with information and stories about the Jewish religion. They were asked to wear a Kippah as a sign of respect whilst in the Synagogue.We were lucky enough to be shown the Ark with its treasures inside and Rabbi Perez unrolled a Torah scroll so the boys could see (but not touch) the sacred manuscript written in Hebrew. They were also able to handle some of the artefacts from the ark, including the Yad. Please ask your son what this is. We all had a lovely and informative time with everyone learning something new and a respect for another religion. I particularly liked the idea of the Sabbath because you are not allowed to hoover! The boys were a real credit to the school and Rabbi Perez was very impressed with their knowledge.