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2W’s day as a daddy!

2W had a very important mission today;- to learn how to look after a newborn baby!
We are learning about Health, Growth and Change in Science and we have started our topic at the beginning (a very good place to start!). The first problem they had to solve was how to put a nappy on and they worked as a group to do this. The results were mixed! We have got a couple of experts in the class already it has to be said. They were then charged with caring for the babies for the rest of the academic day and they couldn’t believe that they could not just put them down to go and do whatever they wanted to do. It was a steep learning curve! I have to say I am very proud of the boys, they have been gentle, caring, thoughtful and to watch them carrying, soothing by stroking the babies head or winding them almost absentmindedly whilst listening, has been lovely. Well done 2W, I think you will all make fabulous daddies.

2W’s alliterative shape poems

This week 2W have been exploring, reading, drafting and writing shape poems. In line with our topic on The Olympics we chose to write them about different sports. The boys all had some fantastic ideas and their use of words was very clever. We then decided to see if we could make them alliterative too. You can see that they produced some brilliant work. Well done 2W!