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The Eco team’s water competition

On Tuesday our Eco team invited Stacey from Severn Trent Water Authority to our assembly to talk to us about the importance of water. We found out that our Earth is 70% water, but only a little bit of that water is drinkable. Stacey told us about how we collect water and how it is treated to make it safe for us to drink. We also learnt different ways that we can help to save water.

The Eco team are running a Save Water Competition over the Easter Holidays to encourage everyone in school to turn off the taps when they have used them. The overall prize winner will have their poster reproduced and displayed around Lovell House.

Dinosaur in a box

The boys have worked very hard creating some dinosaur dioramas depicting one of the three dinosaur ages. They would like to share some with you.

2W are joined by a surprise guest for the Sport Relief mile!

Today, every class in the school took part in Sport Relief by running a mile or 13 laps of the playground. Isaac managed to run 2 miles in the time-congratulations to him. Miss Clarke joined in too, sadly, Mrs Williams had forgotten her trainers!! 2W were also joined by the squirrel as a last minute addition after the whole class had been awarded the squirrel for their excellent behaviour on the trip to New Walk museum. He thoroughly enjoyed himself but needed a bit of cake after to replenish his energy! Well done to all the boys.

Erupting volcanoes!

2W have created their own erupting volcanoes as part of our work on Dinosaurs and taken part in their first Chemistry lesson! It was very, very exciting for everyone involved. Don’t forget to ask them what the magic ingredients are. Perhaps you could make one at home!

Year 2 visit New Walk Museum

On Thursday 22nd March Year 2 went to visit a dinosaur exhibition at the New Walk Museum in Leicester. Each group was given a backpack of activities to complete, based around becoming a ‘Dinosaur Detective’. There were some fantastic fossils and an amazing skeleton of a Cretiosaurus which had been discovered in Rutland. The boys all had a wonderful time and got to develop a real sense of the size and scale of dinosaurs from the Jurassic era. Some even had to wear safari hats for authenticity! The museum is well worth a visit for its other exhibits too. A big ‘Thank You’ must go to the parents who came to help us on the day as well.

Video reports on our favourite dinosaurs

The boys have been preparing their own news reports about different dinosaurs as part of their non-chronological reports in literacy. Please take a look at thier reports they are very proud of them.

Dinosaur report 1 from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

Stegosaurus from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

Untitled from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

Untitled from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

Untitled from Mrs.Barker on Vimeo.

2W and the beanstalk!

In Science today, 2W have been exploring what a bean needs to germinate. We have all planted our own beans and have also set up four experiments to test what a seed needs to grow. We have even put one in the fridge! The boys will be keeping a plant diary to record the progress and you may find yourself planting a lovely little beanstalk in your garden at Easter!

Jonathan Emmett comes to visit Lovell House

Today, we have been very lucky because the author, Jonathan Emmett or as we called him, ‘Captain Fancypants’ came to visit as part of World Book day. We went to the library and saw some of his stories and favourite books on the whiteboard as he read them to us. We really enjoyed ‘ The Santa Trap’ and ‘MONSTERS- an owner’s guide’.

We thought they were excellent and funny. They were the best stories we have ever heard. We thought he was a great author and he told us he is just about to publish his fiftieth book!