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Dinosaur creative day

Today has been a day full of fun and excitment as 2W and 2M have enriched their learning by creating dinosaurs!They made a giant Stegosaurus and T-Rex out of a wire frame and mod roc, an erupting volcano which was overflowing with lava, a flying Pterodactyl and an oil pastel landscape of the Jurassic and Triassic period. The boys also created dinosaur bookmarks, door hanger signs and split pin Stegosaurs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and will remember this for a long time.

Visit 2M’s blog to see more video footage and photos from our dino day!

Dinosaur reports

We have been making our own dino reports. Would you like to see our PowerPoint presentations?

Exploring plants

Today, 2W have been exploring plants both past and present. In Science, we have been dissecting hyacinths and daffodils to find their parts and then making our own labelled diagrams to illustrate these. In geography, we have been exploring how the environment and plants changed from the Triassic to Jurassic period and developed our creative Jurassic collages. You are all welcome to come and visit the classroom to view our gallery. Let us know which is your favourite!

Welcome to our first 2W blog!

Well what have we been up to recently?

We joined 2M to find out about the Chinese New year. We had a day of activities that included finding out about the country of China – did you know its the fourth largest country in the world! We looked at how the Chinese people celebrate their New year and watched a dragon parade. We discovered that each Chinese year is named after an animal and acted out the story which decided the order the years follow.Other activities found us discovering which animal year we were born in (we are all roosters or monkeys!), painting Chinese numerals, origami and dragon making.