Year 2 Summer showcase-Let them Shine!

Never Forget 2017 from Mrs Baker on Vimeo.

Year 2 performed in their summer showcase this morning and they all performed brilliantly. We are, as ever, so proud of them and it is the culmination of a wonderful year. I wish you all continued success at the Junior school and a great summer break.

Year 2 become outlaws for the day!

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Beaumanor Hall yesterday, the weather was perfect and so was the behaviour of the children. They all took part in a Robin Hood Survival day and plenty of adventure was had by all. We made amazing Robin Hood hats using natural materials from the woods that Phillip Treacy would have been proud of. Then the class went on a woodland walk hiding from the Sheriff of Nottingham and collecting up the wanted posters before anyone got caught!
After lunch, we went back to the woods and the children were given the task of creating weatherproof dens using ropes, tarpaulin sheets and anything else they could find. These were tested with a watering can to mixed results but judging by the laughter and chatter everyone absolutely loved it, even if they did get wet. All of the hard work was rewarded with a cup of ‘Squirrel stew’ (hot chocolate) round a campfire. A perfect end to a perfect day.



2W visit the Senior school library

On Tuesday, Year 2 went to visit the Senior school library to enjoy a talk by head librarian and archivist Ms Gunther about the history of our school. All of the children were completely engaged, finding out lots of information and they got to see documents which were over 200 years old, photographs of the school and its pupils from the turn of the last century and clothes worn by pupils from 70 years ago. It was a real privilege and we would like to pass on our thanks to Ms Gunther.

Direction Week

This week, the whole of Key Stage One have come together to explore different aspects of Directions and Movement in our Maths lessons. Each class has worked with a different teacher every day, completing practical and fun activities. 2W have completed Treasure Hunts, Bee-Bot work, parachute games and Co-ordinates activities. It has been a really positive week with lots of learning taking place.

Builders and architects of the future

This week, 2W have been taking part in our school wide STEM based week. We have been focusing on building structures and designing buildings or bridges. The children have had a fantastic time spending two mornings at the Junior school, taking part in a puzzle challenge morning and Pirate maths, problem solving. We have also been very privileged as one of our parents, Mr Roberts gave up a lot of his week to come in and work with Year 2 and share his work as an architect, setting up brilliant activities to explore the concepts of how buildings are designed and built through spaghetti and marshmallows! They then worked in teams to create bridges using the principles of the triangle. Every single child was thoroughly engaged and we would like to say a big thank you to him. We also had a whole day of Lego building which many of you came to see after school on Tuesday. It has been quite a week!


2W develop their map skills.

As part of our topic on our local area, 2W have been using maps of our school and the immediate area to highlight geographical features of the playground and identify different features of the local area.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed using the maps as you can see.

2W are staying close to home!

Our topic this term is all about ‘Location, Location, Location’ and we will be exploring the local vicinity around our school.
We have started by locating Nottingham on a map of the UK and by creating these fabulous Nottingham skylines featuring the Council House.
The children looked at shapes they could see in buildings and drew these in pencils, layering up details and then washed this over with watercolour paints. Finally, they worked with great care to draw over the details in black felt tip to the structures stood out and the results are fantastic. Well done 2W, what a great start!

Our Easter showcase is a chocolate extravaganza!

Year 2 performed our Easter showcase this week based upon our topic this half term of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. They performed a play, a chant, dances, songs and even adverts! The children’s performances were fantastic, they spoke or sang with enthusiasm and a great deal of fun was had by all. Topped off by our five lucky parents who each won a golden ticket and an Easter treat. Congratulations 2W, I am very proud of you all.

Looking closely by 2W

This week in art, 2W have been undertaking an observational drawing activity. We looked at and discussed the logos of different chocolate bars and the colours manufacturers use for wrappers. Each member of the class then chose their favourite bar and drew them very carefully. Some people selected pencils and others pastels so they could blend colours to create the wrapper’s effect. Everyone worked with great care and took the time to look carefully and I think you’ll agree that the outcomes are super, well done 2W.

2W have a brilliant book week.

This week, 2W have been celebrating World Book Day and our book week based upon the books of Julia Donaldson.
Year 6 came to visit and shared their favourite story books with us. A fantastic illustrator, Lynne Chapman, came to visit us for the day on Tuesday and we all thoroughly enjoyed her workshop. We have made 3-d maps of the journey The Smartest Giant took through the town and made our own bookshelves based upon Charlie Cook’s Favourite book, which can be found in the classroom. “We have had an epic week!” said Amir. “Fabulous” said George and Zaviaar said “Awesome!”